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Maintenance and Care
After installation of the quartz stone, it can not be walked on or operated before the cement mortar or adhesive is solidified (at least 24 hours) to avoid being uneven or hollowing;
If there is a need for other decorative works after installation of the quartz stone, the surface must be covered with plywood or carpet to avoid abrasion of the quartz stone. And after completion of the all project, please maintain the quartz stone by the professional company;
The entrance of the area which is used of quartz stone should be laid with the carpet or dustpad to avoid gravel or other hardness things abrase or scratch the stone surface. Ink, coffee, tea, oil and other liquid should be cleaned in time to avoid the effection of the appearance;
Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents: long time use will lower the gloss. It is better to use the neutral detergent;
No long-time covered by carpet: If Quartz stone is covered by carpet for long-time without replacement and breathability, the content of stone's internal water can not evaporate and will be higher which will cause damp on the surface. Please choose the carpet with good permeability if long-time covered is needed. Keep indoor ventilated can prevent damp, bacterium and mildew of stone.
Dont use the general floor wax. The general floor wax, is based on oil wax. The dust which attached on the surface waxed by the oil one will block the pore and form the wax dirt in the future. The special stone cleaner is recommended, it can increase the glossiness also has the functions of anti-slip, wear resistance and anti-static.
Shopping mall cart is required of the rubber wheels. Hard wheels will scratch the quartz stone.
Regular care and maintenance: Regular cleaned by a professional stone maintenance company can keep quartz stones beauty and smooth for a long time.

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